iMadonnari 2008

This year Maria and I recreated a painting by Walton Ford called The Sensorium..

Here is his description of his painting: The Victorian explorer and scholar Sir Richard Burton (1821 1890) was a young officer in India when he gathered together in his house forty monkeys in order to learn their language. As the British Empire colonized parts of the world, so too did Burton try to “colonize” simian culture, assigning his monkeys titles or occupations. His wife Isabel wrote:

He had his doctor, his chaplain, his secretary, his aide-de-camp, his agent, and one tiny one, a very pretty, small, silky looking monkey, he used to call his wife, and put pearls in her ears… they all sat down on chairs at mealtimes… and his pretty little monkey sat by him in a high baby’s chair… he had about sixty words before the experiment was concluded…

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