2009 Om Mani Padme Hum

This is my first attempt to carve this Tibetan prayer into sandstone. I joined a friend of mine at a meditation center in town to do this. It was really fun and it was a great medium to work in. About 20 of us sat outside in the sunshine and some of the people were humming or chanting Tibetan prayers. It wasn’t strictly business though, one of the Lamas came by and was joking about liking the show ‘Everybody loves Raymond’. What a relaxed and happy group of people.

These mantra carved stones will be heaped together and form a Dobum on the hillside of Santa Barbara. Building a Dobum brings great blessings including peace, prosperity and balance. This Dobum is being created in honor of the daughter of Bhakha Rinpoche who died in a helicopter crash in Nepal in 2006.